13 December 2011

Thumbnails in YouTube’s progress bar

YouTube progress bar thumbnailsWhen playing back videos on , you are probably familiar with the small tooltip that shows up while hovering over the progress bar to help you jump to a specific time in the video. It looks like the tooltip is enhanced with a thumbnail of the corresponding video frame, to give a preview of the section you will be taken to. The new feature is available with the Flash-based player and only on some videos; it’s hard to say how there were chosen, but the thumbnail generation is probably an ongoing process that will be rolled out to all videos in the future.

Update: And here is the official announcement, a couple of months later.


  1. Hi George, This is a wonderful tip! I'm watching a video now from the YouTube partner channel that discusses the updates. Most of them apply to everyone not just partners.

  2. Wow, that's a really long video! :)
    But it looks interesting, I will watch it sometime later. Thanks for sharing it, Ileane!