15 September 2009

How big is Facebook?

I guess you’re not really huge until a big rock star recommends you to the fans. That happened on Facebook yesterday when Mike Shinoda posted a video on the Linkin Park fan page, explaining how to use the newly-introduced name-tagging when posting about their favorite band:

Or is it actually the other way around? Is Facebook now so big, everybody who is or wants to be somebody must get connected here? After all, there are not many artists who can say they have sold their albums to more than 250 Million people, which is a conservative estimate of the current Facebook audience. Probably fewer than 10 in the entire modern music history, according to Wikipedia.

Update: err, better make that “more than 300 Million people”, as of yesterday! 50 Million new users in 75 days, a remarkably strong growth! I’m curious how long it will take for the next 50 Million to join…

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