13 October 2009

Learn more about lenses from Canon

I've been a little behind with my articles in Google Reader lately, passing the 1000+ unread items limit all too often. But to prove it's worth checking every subscription for updates, here's what I discovered with some 3 weeks delay from TOP: an official guide from Canon to it's EF lens line!

The book, suggestively subtitled "The Eyes of EOS", can be ordered online from B&H Photo Video, but is also available as a free download in PDF format from Canon's European Support page (in several languages too!).

In the article, Mike Johnston also discusses an interesting theory stating that "whichever camera company has a book out is the leading camera company". It's not easy to prove such a theory, but it holds some truth at least from an economic and marketing point of view. I don't think the book itself can bring much profit from it's distribution. The greater long-term value with these initiatives is that they raise the interest of the amateurs for photography in general and Canon products in particular. It also supports the image of a company committed to the market and consumers and with a long term strategy for this segment.

The best thing about this book is that it doesn't focus exclusively on Canon lenses. Chapter 8 talks about photo techniques that can be easily applied with any camera and lens combination for portraits, macro photography, landscape, underwater and wildlife. This chapter is also embedded at the end of this article. And the penultimate chapter goes through all the important lens-related terminology, from the physics of light to practical examples. A lot of information there for all passionate photographers that want to learn more about their equipment!

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