15 November 2009

Direct access to Facebook’s update streams

The interface overhaul Facebook unveiled last month presented the users with two new ways to receive updates about their friends, via the “News Feed” sorted by some cryptic algorithm or the “Live Feed” filled with too many connection updates. I mentioned in a previous article that the site remembers where you left off last time, but this behavior could be annoying if you prefer one of the view and only occasionally check out the other one. I for example use the “Live Feed” most of the time, because I find the chronological sort more natural.

Fortunately, each of the two views can be accessed through a custom URL:

Facebook Live Feed

These addresses can be easily bookmarked, so you can start with the same Facebook home page every time, even if you use different browsers or computers.

Update: As of September 2011, with the new redesign, merging the news feed and live feed, these links no longer have any effect. You can instead sort the unified feed by either Top Stories or Recent First.

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