07 November 2009

Starred items count in Google Reader

Despite being a great webapp and probably the best feed reader currently available on the Internet, Google Reader has it’s share of quirks and missing features, probably the most (in)famous of them being the inability to rename folders without complicated workarounds. Another one is the lack of a starred items count anywhere in the interface. It’s a small thing and can probably be easily justified by the fact that starred items are private, as opposed to likes and shares, but people are still asking for a solution. From the “Trends” page you can find out how many items you starred in the past month, but not the total count. Sharing setting in Google Reader

Google reader information in the Dashboard But after the launch of Google Dashboard earlier this week, this small piece of information surfaced there. If you visit https://www.google.com/dashboard/ and scroll down to the “Reader” section, you will find the number of items you have starred throughout the years (in my case, at least), along with other statistics, that are easier to discover. What kind of “secrets” have you discovered through Google Dashboard?

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  1. bugged me for ages that there is no count on the Greader starred items. thanks!