03 July 2011

Comment view for Facebook photo albums

Facebook photo albums now with comment viewAfter the last major redesign more than a year ago, adopted a more subtle approach to updates: smaller and more subtle changes instead of one big overhaul. I noticed one such minor update today in the photo albums: a new view dedicated to photos with comments. You can switch between the classic ‘Album view’ and the new ‘Comment view’ with the new small buttons on the top right of the album page. Instead of tiles, the photos with comments are arranged top-to-bottom on the left side of the page, with the comments listed on the right. As far as I can tell, the order is chronological using the upload date of the pictures, not by most recent activity, as mentioned on Inside Facebook.

Since photo sharing is one of the favorite activities of Facebook users, it was a bit odd that conversation around photos was fragmented, with different comment threads for individual pictures and another one for the album. After all, it’s not very social if people cannot follow what others are saying. With this update it’s much easier to have an overview of the comments and to jump into the right conversation. Of course, this still requires you to visit the site and the album page, since there are no global notifications about an entire album.

Facebook photo album in comment view

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