22 February 2012

Invite people to Google+ from Gmail Contacts

Continuing the trend of adding Google+ to every possible app, we saw an integration between Circles and Gmail contacts back in December – not very well done in my opinion. Probably at the same time, but I haven’t noticed it until earlier today, another option was added to contacts, specifically to add them to circles and invite them to Google+ at the same time. The control is located in the individual contact view on the right side, where you would find the ‘Connected profiles’ section for Google+ members. This new invite feature is probably most useful when adding new contacts, to quickly get them filed in Google Circles as well. For managing your existing contacts this route, visiting them one-by-one, would be too time-consuming; I would much prefer if I could select multiple contacts and add them to Circles in a single move, that way migrating from groups to circles would be more manageable.

Google Plus invite from Contacts

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