19 February 2012

PCWorld: “Google Working on Password Generator for Chrome”

When a user visits a page that Chrome thinks is asking to set up an account, it will place a key icon in the password field of the registration form. If the person clicks on that key, Chrome will ask the user whether he or she wants it to create a password. If the user says yes, Chrome will generate a password that includes letters, numbers and characters that make it difficult for a hacker to crack and impossible for the user to remember -- and ask the user to approve it. John P. Mello Jr.

Hmm, funny, that’s exactly what the LastPass extension does right now and has been offering for years. Sounds like trying to drive competitors it can’t buy or control off the market, again. Has there been some secret – and failed – acquisition attempt, like Google Operating System predicted for last year?! Of course, already provides password sync as long as you log in with your Google account, but that’s limited to a single browser and probably Android, whereas LastPass works in all major browsers, both desktop (free) and mobile (for a price). If that hypothetical acquisition were to take place, I’m afraid that functionality would soon be removed.

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  1. Great. I always google for "strong password" and use strong password generator for my accounts. You just don't need to remember these strong passwords anymore as browser does it for you.