10 February 2012

The Wall Street Journal: “New Sony Chief Executive Reveals Fast-Forward Plans”

Even at a company known for its unconventional choices of leaders, Mr. Hirai’s background is unorthodox. He said he joined the company after graduating from college in 1984 because he believed the company offered a "rock ‘n’ roll" lifestyle that, for example, allowed wearing jeans at work. At ease in both English and Japanese, Mr. Hirai peppers his conversations with equal doses of dude and corporate jargon: It is important to right-size the business. Daisuke Wakabayashi

Now that’s a proper reason for joining a company and dedicating your entire professional life to it!

After posting this on a couple of days back, one of my old colleagues reminded me we used to work together in a company that allowed jeans in the office, with one small exception: you were not allowed to wear blue-jeans, only jeans of other colors… The corporate world is a strange place!

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