27 March 2012

The Next Web: “Google Play gets top billing in Google’s black navigation bar”

Now that the Android Market has been re-branded as “Google Play” the company is wasting no time getting it in front of all of its users the best way it knows how, via the black navigation bar that appears on all of its products. Drew Olanoff

Google Play in Google BarYep, I see the link too. This new ‘in-your-face’- is slowly getting ridiculous. How is this link relevant to me as a user if I don’t have an Android device (and probably never will) and the books Google sells aren’t compatible with my Kindle? As I said before, I need a way to kill the Google black bar; unless I can configure which links I see it’s just a waste of screen space.

And what kind of a silly name is ‘Play’ for a site where you can purchase books?! What’s wrong with Google Store?

Oh, it was already taken

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