17 May 2012

Flipboard update makes it easy to discover sections

Flipboard select related section for FlickrWith yesterday’s update (currently version 1.9), Flipboard announced support for sound playback inside the app in partnership with SoundCloud – not something I would personally get excited about. But I noticed another more interesting feature: the top bar added a drop-down menu where you can quickly switch to another section related to the current social network: your favorites and lists from , your News Feed Links and Photos on , the Flickr Favorites or the Interestingness photo stream (I had no idea such a nice thing even existed before today!). This makes it much easier to navigate to different streams; previously any section not added to Flipboard could only be accessed through Accounts in the app options. It was cumbersome and so I rarely visited anything other than the content I had already pinned to the main screens. After this small change I expect to spend more time in Flipboard and to explore more data sources, especially my subscriptions, which were the most neglected previously. As before, when you open new sections you also get the option to add them to the main screen by tapping on the ‘+’-button in the top bar.

Update: In reply to my post, I received an extra tip from Flipboard for managing Google Reader inside the app:

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