12 May 2012

Rate your recent apps on Facebook

Facebook Rate Recently Used Apps boxAs you may have heard, recently announced its own App Center, not exactly a full store like iTunes or Play or the upcoming Microsoft Store, but more a centralized location to discover mobile and web apps that use Facebook as primary identity for users. Of course, like any decent recommendation engine, it will need a way to promote quality apps and that’s where the massive user base comes in: they should provide a sufficient volume of ratings for the apps they use.

Most likely related to this launch, I noticed the other day a new box in the right sidebar, where Facebook usually displays ads and friend suggestions. Fittingly titled ‘Rate Recently Used Apps’, it lists a couple of apps – accurately, I would say – and asks users to rate them with a five-star system. Curiously, the usual place where you manage apps on Facebook (under ‘Account settings’) doesn’t have the option to rate the apps you are currently using, but that will probably be added soon, after the App Center is opened. The new box is displayed more or less randomly, every 3 to 4 new page loads, but goes away after you rate all apps listed there.

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