03 July 2012

Native audio controls in Google Reader

There doesn’t seem to be much going on with Google Reader after the misguided feature cut caused by the “integration” with Google Plus. The latest blog post is from late October last year and they also haven’t updated their Twitter account since then. I only noticed a couple of days ago that they changed the built-in player used for enclosed music files. Instead of the Flash-based solution used until recently, the new player uses native HTML5 audio controls, probably in browsers who support the feature – I currently use Google Chrome and I don’t have other compatible browsers to test. I suppose this move comes in the wake of Adobe retiring Flash support for Android, but curiously the mobile version of Google Reader doesn’t show music files in podcasts at all… Native audio controls in Google Reader

The feature is still work-in-progress and has some bugs as reported by several users on Twitter. For example if you use ‘Popout’, the player doesn’t work in the new window; the controls show up, but are unresponsive. The volume control could use a bit of redesigning as well, because it’s too small and you cannot change the volume without completely muting, except if you go into full-screen mode. In any case, it’s nice to see Google hasn’t forgotten Reader completely…

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