22 October 2012

Blogger mobile templates with (buggy) swipe navigation

Blogger mobile template swipe to navigate gestureAs many bloggers, I like to monitor when my articles get shared on social networks and what do people think about them – actually only on Twitter with a saved search in TweetDeck. A couple of days ago, someone complained on that a post was unreadable on mobile. I use one of ’s default templates and I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with it previously. After asking for some clarifications, it turns out that mobile templates support a limited set of gestures: you can swipe right or left to navigate to the previous or next post. The problem is this interferes with another native iOS gesture, pinch-to-zoom: if you pinch the page, instead of zooming, Blogger jumps to another article! This issue seems limited to mobile Safari, because in pinching doesn’t cause the browser to navigate away. At first I thought it’s a bug introduced in iOS 6, but the feature is more than one year old and some complained about similar issues six months ago, so I guess nobody took the time to test the mobile templates on an iPhone

There is no easy solution it you want your readers to have a good mobile experience: the desktop templates are often too bloated with widgets to fit into a portrait-oriented small screen, the mobile dynamic templates are much slower to load and the sharing buttons ‘leak’ out of the page – again an indication that the team designing the templates is not really focused on mobile. And designing a unique responsive template for both desktop and mobile is unfortunately not something an average blogger can do…

Update: A reader found a solution from the Blogger help forums and shared it in the comments: How can I disable the arrow-slider on mobile?.


  1. It is good to see nice info posted back in 2012 and finding very informative in 2014 when Google search is increased from mobile devices. Now blogger templates 2014 must be customized for mobile easy navigation.

  2. You find a solution ?.
    and remove the swipe ?


  3. solution
    source; https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/blogger/8hNsCLpEn6U;context-place=forum/blogger

    1. Thanks! I'll update the article to include your link.