21 November 2012

MacStories: “Evernote 5.0 for iOS Review”

I can’t help but going back to mentioning the poor performance of the app. This is not a “nerd problem”: for a system that wants to be everyone’s digital archive, that system needs to be fast, reliable, and trustable. Evernote 5 for iOS is, unfortunately, the exact opposite. There is a slight yet annoying delay with typing in the note editor: sometimes I think the app can’t keep up with my typing, and I’m not that fast. Attaching images to notes is a nightmare: there is Camera Roll integration, but most of the time an attached image doesn’t appear inline until you hit the Done button. Good luck with copying an image from a note and pasting it in another one (it doesn’t work). Federico Viticci

Great, in-depth – and quite lengthy – review! I stopped using Evernote a while ago and went as far as to remove it from my iPhone and move most of the notes to Microsoft’s OneNote. My biggest turn-off was the lack of local cache; I was under the impression that limitation was applied only to free accounts, but the review mentions the same problem with a premium account… The bottom line: a note-taking app must above all be fast, simple to use and available offline; unfortunately Evernote doesn’t get any of these right.

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