29 January 2013

Search Engine Land: “A Year Later, Google’s Block Sites Feature Remains Blocked”

In 2011, Google rolled out a feature allowing searchers to block web sites they don’t like from appearing in its search results, which drew great attention. That got dropped last year, when Search Plus Your World was launched last January. A year later, Google says there are no firm plans for it to return. Danny Sullivan

I wondered several times what became of that feature. It looks to be more collateral damage from promoting behind Google+ to the top of the priorities list, just like it happened to Google Reader… It’s too bad it got dropped like that, it could potentially be more useful than Search Plus Your World – it would be another filter, but one we would at least have some control over. Funny thing is, the recent redesigns of ’s search results also removed the references to Search Plus Your World (it’s now just another search setting) making way for the Knowledge Graph.

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