05 February 2013

Baekdal: “Can Brands use Facebook Graph Search For Anything?”

Right now, Facebook Graph Search claims to be a 'natural language search engine'. It’s not. Not even close. It is actually an assisted keyword engine. That may sound very technical, but it’s an important distinction.

A natural language search engine understands what your question is and finds a result even if it doesn’t match the specific words that you use. An assisted keyword engine only looks at the actual words and how they are ordered.

Why is this important you ask? Well, it means that unless you search specifically for categories Facebook has defined, you won’t find anything. For instance, if instead of searching for clothing stores (a business word that nobody uses) you search for fashion stores, you won’t find anything. Thomas Baekdal

Some hands-on experience with ’s latest product. As with most things Facebook, it has a hard time living up to the media hype.

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