02 April 2013

Building Feedly: “Announcing the New Feedly Mobile”

We’ve had two crazy, wonderful weeks at Feedly. Over 3 million new users have joined Feedly since the announcement of the retirement of Google Reader. We are thankful that so many Reader refugees have chosen Feedly for their new home, and are adding hardware as quickly as we can to make that transition as seamless as possible. Your Feedly Team

This is one of those rare cases where it pays to read the comments:

Did you remove the ability to search just your own feeds? This is a feature I use all the time to find articles I’ve read or glanced at in the past, and it seems to have gone missing with the latest update. Brad Linder
Where has the ‘send by email’ button gone? :( hazclan13

Silently removing features: not the best way to build trust! Feedly has certainly gained a lot of attention – and users – in the wake of Reader’s demise, but those refugees could be gone the next day if they don’t handle this properly – and if, by some miracle, a viable alternative emerges.

I for one I’m not not moving anywhere yet; there are still three months to go and I plan to try out several services before committing to a migration. I am glad Newsify is planning to stick around, so at least I will have a far better mobile app than Feedly. Newsify had offline reading since the launch (not to mention the much wider variety of sharing options) and recently introduced local search, something that Feedly apparently is just now beginning to work on…

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