04 April 2013

The Mozilla Blog: “Mozilla and Samsung Collaborate on Next Generation Web Browser Engine”

Mozilla’s mission is about advancing the Web as a platform for all. At Mozilla Research, we’re supporting this mission by experimenting with what’s next when it comes to the core technology powering the Web browser. We need to be prepared to take advantage of tomorrow’s faster, multi-core, heterogeneous computing architectures. That’s why we’ve recently begun collaborating with Samsung on an advanced technology Web browser engine called Servo. Brendan Eich

So Samsung is continuing to distance its products from Android and by building a key software component – the mobile browser – for its increasingly likely Android fork. And Mozilla is building a back-up plan for Firefox OS – if you recall Samsung didn’t get on board, probably because they had other plans in mind. Don’t get me wrong, it could still be an awesome browser; also started out by rethinking the browser and rebuilding it on more modern grounds. But Chrome was built in secret and delivered to the public as a (more or less) finished product; whereas this project is so young, the programming language for it isn’t even finalized! A lot can happen in a year or two, Samsung’s priorities may shift, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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