25 June 2013

Binary Bonsai: “On Discipline”

However, when I look at a beta I see anti-patterns and basic mistakes that should have been caught on the whiteboard before anyone even began thinking about coding it. I get scared. This isn't a matter of 'oh, it's a little glitchy now and then'; these are things that from the looks of it seem simply like poor design decisions. The bottom of the lock screen, with it's three competing drag areas and strange mixed messages is a prime example. Yes, it's easy to fix, but how did it make it this far?

Most importantly, these are things that work really well in iOS 6. Again, we're talking about the best, most sturdy, understandable set of interface patterns ever put together in an OS. And it is that way because of a level of restraint the likes of which most software never gets to see. A level of discipline willing to actually say no to thousands of things for every yes (regrettably rich Corinthian leather wasn't one of them). The new lock screen alone has four gesture-based functions on it now. How is that saying no? Michael Heilemann

Among the many (many, many!) critiques on Apple’s new mobile OS I think this one is the most valid, since it doesn’t focus on the little details, going instead for the underlying bigger issue. I can’t have an informed opinion on this yet, but from what I saw on the Internet so far I’m inclined to stick with iOS 6 for some time, maybe until the first major update to iOS 7. I think I dislike the new lock screen most – and this author has an article on that too.

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