24 June 2013

Quickly switch between multiple keyboards on the iPhone

iPhone switch multiple keyboardsI’m pretty sure this is nothing new, but I discovered it quite recently and I think it’s a nice tip. On the iPhone you can set the keyboard to work with several languages for different sets of characters and autocorrection – or even add a special keyboard for Emojis. It’s easy to switch between them when you only have two: just click on the ‘Globe’ button in the lower left. But as soon as you go beyond two keyboards things get a little complicated: now you have to cycle between all of them to return to the first keyboard – especially time-consuming if you only want to insert an Emoji and go back to Romanian, for example. By chance I noticed than you can also press and hold the ‘Globe’ button to reveal a menu with all enabled keyboards. The one with blue background is currently in use and you can switch them with a single tap. This should be faster – and more reliable – than tapping the globe repeatedly.

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