04 September 2013

TIME: “Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite Is a Really, Really Refined E-Reader”

This year, the Kindle Paperwhite becomes obsolete on September 30. Or, more precisely, that’s the day that the Paperwhite I liked so much gets replaced by a new one with the same snappy name. Amazon briefed me on the upcoming model today, and I got a bit of time to try it out. Harry McCracken

Over the past month or so I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide if I should buy a Paperwhite to replace my older Kindle, so naturally now I’m glad I waited. A colleague also mentioned they were no longer available on the site, usually a good sign that a new model is coming. Even if the hardware improvements are mostly incremental over last year’s model (you may call it the “Paperwhite S”), it would be a big step forward from a Kindle Keyboard. The biggest update is arguably on the services side, Kindle MatchBook being one of the most common requests from Amazon’s long-time customers. For people outside the US though it’s not nearly as significant; I for one am more excited about GoodReads being integrated into the software, even if it only works while the reader is connected to the Internet – something I rarely do, only about once a week to download new books and articles.

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