24 October 2013

The Wall Street Journal: “Might Google Have a Sly Motive Behind Motorola?”

Here's a theory that I've been playing with: What if profits aren't part of the plan at Motorola? What if Google's plan for smartphones isn't to directly make money for itself but, instead, an attempt to destroy money for other companies by making the phone a commodity device? Farhad Manjoo

That actually sounds like something that New would do – in a sense they’re already trying that with the Chromebooks with little success. But I have a feeling the deal was actually done in a such a hurry that nobody had a chance to make long-term plans. Larry Page made an ‘ego-purchase’ for patents that turned out to be not very valuable; now they’re just trying to find a place for Motorola in a mobile market already dominated by other players who don’t really have Google’s interests at heart.

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