17 December 2013

MakeUseOf: “Feedly Was Stealing Your Content – Here’s the Story, And Their Code”

Basically, Feedly went about creating a kind of slimmed down reading experience, but the way they went about it — rewriting links to propagate their own service through subsequent social shares was pretty damned disgusting. This isn’t the only bad move Feedly has made recently either – last month, they began requiring log in with Google+ accounts (having seen how well Google+ login is working for YouTube, I guess), but that too was quickly reverted. The lesson is — you might want to start finding an alternative feedreader, unless you were already suckered into paying $99 for a Pro account. James Bruce

One more reason to be glad I didn’t choose Feedly as my Google Reader replacement. As Feedly continues to stumble, introducing and then quickly reverting weird, customer-unfriendly decisions, other feed readers are quietly and constantly improving. Six months later I’m just as happy about my choice as I was back then – if not happier. Feedbin is getting better with each new feature and others have noticed this too.

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