04 February 2014

Tab Dump: “Making some bets”

Reading is my favorite part of the job. It’s the mindless typing that turns me off. It doesn’t matter if you can say everything you need to say in less than one hundred words, Google isn’t going to index your work if it's not at least double that. Despite having multiple bosses during my career as a writer, let’s be serious, the only boss I truly ever had was an algorithm written by a team of search engine developers in California. Stefan Constantinescu

Great initiative – and pretty bold! Stefan is the co-host of a podcast I regularly enjoy, The Voicemail, and with his amount of experience in the mobile industry I’m sure this daily news digest will be very informative. I hope this bet pays off for him – because there’s no doubt it will pay off for the readers!

My goal with this website is to combine the appeal of Twitter’s requirement to be concise, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from reaching the last page of a magazine, and to serendipitously point you to stories you never thought you would have been interested in. Stefan Constantinescu

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