09 June 2014

Quartz: “The “Apple doesn’t get the cloud” era is officially over”

Now, three years since iCloud’s debut, things seem to be coming together. (We’ve certainly come a long way since Ping, Apple’s failed iTunes social network, and MobileMe, iCloud’s ill-fated predecessor.) Next, we’ll see if Apple can excel in cloud services the way it has in hardware and software design. Dan Frommer

Is it me, or the conclusion of this article contradicts its title?! I think somebody forgot the add the question mark…

Apple never had a problem saying that iCloud is best-in-class, it was the way it actually performed in real life situations that causes people countless headaches; so to assume all has been fixed after a simple keynote presentation can only amount to a useless article written for the sensationalist headline. The real test for Apple’s cloud services will come after the release of iOS 8, when the new OS will start running on hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world.

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