11 June 2014

Forbes: “Apple to Abandon Headphone Jack?”

Right now you can plug any pair of headphones or earphones into an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac or MacBook, but with the switch Apple would control an essential peripheral and its MFi licensing program would see it start to take a sizeable fee for every pair of headphones sold for use with an Apple device. Meanwhile Apple would suck up the majority of the profits with the Beats brand because owning it means there will be no licensing fee.

Gordon Kelly

The headphone jack is the only standard connector on iPhones, of course it has to be replaced by a proprietary model! As much as Apple plans to open up the software, closing the hardware platform this way would be extremely annoying. I just hope it won’t happen anytime soon.

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  1. Remember that poor sealing of headphone’s ear-tip makes for a less secure fit, so the earpiece is more likely to fall out of your ear. It's definitely worth a little extra effort to find the right fit.