26 June 2014

The Verge: “Google’s Cardboard turns your Android device into a VR headset”

While Facebook’s virtual reality effort involved a multibillion-dollar purchase of Oculus VR, Google’s gone with a decidedly simpler route: cardboard. Following the end of its Google I/O keynote, Google’s put out an app called Cardboard that lets users slot their Android device into a do-it-yourself cardboard viewer. When looked through using special lenses, you can interact with various Google services like a VR headset.

Josh Lowensohn

I can’t decide if this is an elaborate late April Fools’ joke or an (equally lame) attempt at making fun of for acquiring Oculus. In any case, Cardboard rightfully deserved a place in the top 5 weirdest products, next to the Nexus Q.

Google Cardboard

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