06 October 2014

Subtraction.com: “iPhone 6 Looks”

By contrast, the iPhone 6’s form seems uninspired, harkening back to the dated-looking forms of the original iPhone, and barely managing to distinguish itself from the countless other phones that have since aped that look. This lack of inspiration is particularly evident on its backside, where plastic antenna runners unimaginatively mar the clean metallic surface, or where the camera protrudes out from that surface, making it effectively impossible to lay the phone perfectly flat except on its face.

Khoi Vinh

I largely agree. Personally I still prefer my iPhone 4S. I loved that look ever since the 4 was launched and I remember how excited I was when the 4S was announced with the same design! I was determined at that point this would be my next phone. Now, not so much…

I’ve heard the same complaints (especially about the ‘camera hump’) from other friends who are much more fans than I will ever be. I think the problem is, like every other product that attains that much fame and success as the iPhone has, is that the company no longer feels the drive to create an exceptional product. People will still buy iPhones, no matter how bland or uninspiring they may seem to people with a trained eye.

iPhone 6 vs 5 design
ask yourself which of these four models looks the newest, the most sophisticated, the best designed?

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