15 November 2014

Business Insider: “This is the Internal Grading System Google Uses for Its Employees”

At Google, all OKRs are public from Larry Page on down. You can look up what your co-workers’ OKRs are in the employee directory. It’s right there as a piece of their internal profiles. Not only do you see their OKRs, but you also see their scores through the years on their OKRs.

Jay Yarow

While at first this look like any other performance management system used in big corporations, this bit of information immediately caught my attention. I must admit I’m also more than a little surprised, in the companies I worked for this kind of information is always kept under tight wrap. This level of transparency could have a major positive impact on company culture and performance. I find a little strange though that the examples in the article focus on , where Rick Klau was a product manager years ago, having left for and later Google+. Many things could have changed since then, including this particular internal goal system.

Rick Klau gave a one-hour, 20-minute presentation on how OKRs work last year

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