17 November 2014

Monica at Mozilla: “Tracking Protection in Firefox”

On Monday a project that I’ve been working on was officially announced as part of a larger privacy initiative called Polaris. In case you missed it, there is an experimental tracking protection feature in Firefox Nightly that allows people to avoid being tracked by not communicating with known tracking domains, especially those that do not respect DNT. Our initial blocklist is from Disconnect. As a side effect, blocking resources from tracking domains speeds up page load times on average by 20%. Privacy features rarely coincide with performance benefits, so that’s exciting.

Monica Chew

So Internet Explorer has had Tracking Protection since version 9 (roughly 4 years ago) – Mozilla is just now considering adding a similar feature to . had process separation for tabs from day one (more than 6 years ago) – Mozilla is still experimenting with a similar feature for Firefox. What a change from the fresh browser that 10 years ago challenged Microsoft's desktop web browsing monopoly…

How to turn on Tracking Protection for Firefox from monicachew

But I guess we can look forward to seeing ads on the New Tab Page…

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