12 January 2015

TechCrunch: “Twitter’s ‘While You Were Away’ Recap Feature Is Rolling Out To Many Users”

Twitter on iOS new Tweets for you feature

Back in November, Twitter announced plans to implement a number of new initiatives to boost user engagement, and one of those features — a ‘While you were away’ recap of tweets you may have missed — appears to be rolling out to significant numbers of users.

‘While you were away’ works much like Facebook’s Timeline and is the first major non-chronological feature to hit Twitter. Back in November, the company said it would look at the ‘best’ tweets from your network since you last opened Twitter, and put them at the top of your timeline so you don’t miss them.

Jon Russell

I don’t think it’s the same feature, but I noticed something similar in my mobile feed a couple of times: a new section titled ‘Tweets for you…’. It shows up only when there’s nothing new to display from the people I follow, just like favorites from other users are inserted in the timeline, but this time after the classic timeline. The content looks similar to the ‘Discover’ tab, so it could be an experiment to popularize it. I don’t think many people even realize it’s there – I must admit I very rarely look at anything except the main timeline on mobile.

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