11 April 2015

Lefsetz Letter: “More Tidal”

Tidal’s flaw is it is not user-friendly. All it’s got is a bunch of stars crowing about getting screwed and taking power and a few exclusives which are readily available where people now consume music, i.e. YouTube and BitTorrent. We’ve already seen this movie before. Put the content in a walled garden, tell people to be honest and support rich people, and they ignore this willy-nilly and steal to their hearts’ content, assuming they’re paying attention at all.

And the disconnect is…

We’ve got uber-rich artists complaining they’re just not making enough.

And a plethora of unknown wannabes saying the same thing.

And you wonder why people are confused and turned-off.

Bob Lefsetz

Tidal high fidelity music streaming

Fragmenting the streaming offering by launching exclusives on Tidal and pulling back music from competing services will only push people back to pirating music. Tidal is like bankers saying to people: pay your interest on time so that they can get fat bonuses and buy more yachts.

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