30 May 2015

buffersocial: “6 Powerful Communication Tricks of Great Interviewers”

Remember that dreaded lull we talked about earlier? Sometimes – just sometimes – it can be a useful communications tool.

When a pro interviewer feels a subject is holding something back on a particular topic, they’ll often use the power of silence at the end of the answer to draw out more information.

Here’s how journalist Jim Lehrer describes it:

If you resist the temptation to respond too quickly to the answer, you’ll discover something almost magical. The other person will either expand on what he’s already said or he’ll go in a different direction. Either way, he’s expanding his response, and you get a clear view into his head and heart.
Courtney Seiter

I usually don’t pay attention to these kind of articles, but this one was interesting, particularly the section quoted above – because it’s something I often noticed myself in conversations.

How to win friends and influence people

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