08 June 2015

MIT Technology Review: “Firefox Maker Battles to Save the Internet—and Itself”

Firefox OS with Fox

Mozilla’s Gal contends that everything is moving along, right on course. I think we’ve successfully transformed a desktop company into a mobile company with this project, he declares. I don’t think we saw the full extent of how much Firefox OS could influence the whole mobile industry.

Market data, however, tells another story. The Firefox browser’s overall market share has sunk to about 11.6 percent lately, about half of what it was at the start of 2012. Most of that traffic comes from desktop computers, where Firefox still enjoys about a 17 percent share. Its mobile browser share is in very low single digits. Once consumers settle into the far-reaching embrace of the Android or iOS mobile experience, there’s hardly any chance of their voluntarily adding the Firefox browser to the mix. Doing so would be as pointless as bringing one’s own fork to a restaurant.

George Anders

Hate to say ‘I told you so’, but… Mozilla is trying to reinvent the wheel in a world where everyone is driving around in modern automobiles.

On top of that, the man in charge of Firefox OS, Andreas Gal, just left Mozilla a couple of days ago!

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