18 September 2015

Fortune: “Apple will ask Supreme Court to hear its ebooks price-fixing case”

Judge Cote’s ruling against Apple was upheld this past June, 2-1, by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

At the time of the appellate loss, Apple’s press statement hinted that it might take this step: “While we want to put this behind us,” the company asserted at the time, “the case is about principles and values. We know we did nothing wrong back in 2010 and are assessing next steps.”

Roger Parloff

It’s commendable to stand by your principles, but principles can still be misguided and against the law. In this case the market has shown both Apple and the publishers were wrong to artificially raise eBook prices; US regulators also condemned the practice. A mature person generally has the decency to admit they’re wrong and change course. Apple’s lack of flexibility on this matter makes me seriously question their judgment. Unless Apple’s ‘values’ include ripping off their customers in order to drive competitors out of business.

Update: And, six months later, Apple’s appeal has been rejected.

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