14 March 2016

Deezer News: “Deezer launches its new beta App for Windows 10”

Here at Deezer we also understand the power of combining the human touch with the best of technology, and personalized music recommendations sit at the heart of what we do. Over the last few months we’ve been busy working closely with Microsoft and are excited to share our new Beta app for Windows 10. The beta app is available to Premium+ and free users who wish to see how the new app will work.


It’s great to see more apps for Windows 10 and Deezer’s music streaming app looks very nice, however… I gave it a try immediately after launch, but I quickly noticed that, as free user, you can’t really play more than one or two songs before getting interrupted by unskippable, 10-15s long audio clips promoting the premium service! For me this makes the app unusable, as the listening experience gets completely wrecked. I wouldn’t mind a couple of ads every hour – after all you get that on the radio as well – but the same nagging clips every 5 minutes make for a horrible service. I checked the web player later and currently it does the same aggressive, repetitive promotion.

Deezer Music beta for Windows 10

Maybe I was spoiled by Deezer’s Windows 8 app, where playback was ad-free, but I don’t think this is the right way to ‘force’ people to the paid tier. Spotify has managed a steady conversion rate from free to paid without resorting to such tactics and it has defended the free service against the pressure from labels and artists to remove it or further restrict features. As things stand right now, Deezer isn’t even trying to attract more free users, driving them away instead. If Spotify manages a Netflix-like worldwide mega-expansion, Deezer’s chances to survive that competition will be slim.

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