13 May 2016

BirchTree: “Why A 20-40% Thinner Apple Watch is Not in the Cards for 2016”

What people really want to see are changes that would make a thinner model impossible. We want more processing power in the form of a much better CPU. We want an always-on display so we can always tell the time without tilting our wrist. We want to see more powerful applications that can do more things faster. We want to see more health sensors that will tell us more about our bodies than we maybe ever wanted to know. We want all these things and we also want twice as much battery life.

Matt Birchler

Reality check: people want more battery life (and more base storage) on iPhones as well. What did Apple deliver? Smaller battery capacity in a slightly thinner phone. Want more performance from your MacBook? You better be satisfied with a thin laptop with questionable performance, in rose-gold. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if the second version of the Watch will have similar specks in a thinner form (and more colors and bands of course). Nobody ever complained that iPhones and iPads were too thick, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from making them skinnier year after year.

Rumored - thinner Apple Watch 2

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