09 September 2016

Lefsetz Letter: “More Frank Ocean”

The enemy is not the major label. And it’s not the streaming service either. The enemy is you, your brain, which prevents you from thinking different, which believes doors are closed and you’re constricted. The music business has been and forever will be one of leverage. He with hits writes his own rules. And he who controls more hits changes the game.

Don’t bitch about minor skirmishes, don’t fight wars that cannot be won or are irrelevant. Spotify payments suck if you’re no one, they’re gargantuan if you’re someone.

So be someone.

Bob Lefsetz

Always refreshing to read Bob Lefsetz’ perspective on events in the music industry.

Nikes by Frank Ocean. Also, a bit surprised Apple Music has an embed option!

For context, a couple of weeks ago an artist, Frank Ocean (apparently well-known on Twitter, I personally never heard of him until now) released his newest album independently and exclusively on Apple Music, after finishing his contract with a major label. Some interpreted this as a sign of major change in the music industry, but the immediate response from Universal, promptly banning exclusives for all their artists, made it clear that the labels are here to stay and intend to fight Apple’s tentative plans to take control of the music industry.

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