19 September 2016

Mattermark: “Tracking Spotify’s Growth To 40 Million Subscribers”

This morning, Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek alluded on Twitter that his company crossed the 40 million paying user mark:

The news comes after the company reported that it had 39 million paying users in late August. And it follows news that the music streaming service reached 30 million paying subscribers this March.

So how quickly is Spotify growing, and is the company accelerating? Let’s see.

Alex Wilhelm

Impressive news from Spotify. Meanwhile, after growing quickly in the first months following last year’s launch, it looks like Apple Music is slowing down considerably. The growth curve seems to have settled into a linear pattern since the beginning of 2016, which doesn’t bode well for a young product.

Graph paying subscribers of Spotify vs. Apple Music

Then again, even after the latest redesign in iOS 10, the Apple Music interface remains confusing and overly complicated: for example, there’s an entire series of articles dedicated to explaining where previous functions have been hidden, like the shuffle and repeat buttons.

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