25 October 2016

Michael Tsai Blog: “Apple and Kapeli respond about Dash”

The fact that the Dash account was terminated seems to support Popescu’s contention that that account was never warned. Otherwise, surely this conversation would have happened sooner, and it would have remained a private matter. Why would Apple go to the trouble of closing the account, apparently not telling him it was because of the linked bad account, then helping him to restore it, after telling him that the decision couldn’t be appealed?

My guess is that Apple found the bad account, and warned it, but did not initially realize that the linked account was “good.” When they shut down the bad account they just shut down all the linked ones, too. In many cases, that’s probably the right thing to do. But this time they didn’t check, and that turned out to be a mistake. When Apple learned that Popescu planned to tell the full story, without admitting wrongdoing, they decided to get their version, sliming him, out first.

Michael Tsai

I wasn’t planning on commenting on this tricky situation until I realized it involved a Romanian developer. Having leaned that, there’s probably more to the story than he admits, since we Romanians do like to cut corners – especially around arbitrary and convoluted rules. On the other hand, Apple has handled the situation particularly poorly. The common sense solution would have been to simply ban the fraudulent account and warn the other owner of violations detected on a linked account. The best part about this: even devoted Apple supporters have come to the same conclusion.

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