10 November 2016

Android Central: “A weekend with Google Home: Where’s the magic?”

Sorry, I don’t know how to help with that. But my team is helping me learn.

I’ve heard that phrase, or some variant of it, 47 times since I took Google Home out of the box. Google’s answer to everything Home can’t do right now is a reminder that this system is designed to constantly improve, and for techy nerds like me that’s a comfort. My greatest personal hypocrisy is telling people not to buy gadgets that promise to get better with age and then turning around and doing it myself, and Google Home is no different.

Google Home is exactly the same as Amazon Echo to my family, by which I mean they have no interest in using it because their stuff isn’t available to them with the same ease my information is available to me. I’m the only one who can ask for a calendar recap. News briefs only come from my input. Traffic conditions are based on my drive routes. Multiple account support isn’t easy, but it’s the only way this speaker gets used by anyone other than me most of the time, and that’s not great.

Russell Holly

A gadget category I have no intention of buying whatsoever (mainly because I don’t see its usefulness), but interesting to see conclusions from other people testing them. As with other tech products centered on the smart assistant idea, the biggest issue is inconsistent and missing data; few people will take the time to constantly feed the system to receive relevant recommendations in return. And the concept of voice-based interface is ridiculous if it can’t distinguish between family members.

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