13 November 2016

Michael Moore: “5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win”

Never in my life have I wanted to be proven wrong more than I do right now.

I can see what you’re doing right now. You’re shaking your head wildly – “No, Mike, this won’t happen!” Unfortunately, you are living in a bubble that comes with an adjoining echo chamber where you and your friends are convinced the American people are not going to elect an idiot for president. You alternate between being appalled at him and laughing at him because of his latest crazy comment or his embarrassingly narcissistic stance on everything because everything is about him. And then you listen to Hillary and you behold our very first female president, someone the world respects, someone who is whip-smart and cares about kids, who will continue the Obama legacy because that is what the American people clearly want! Yes! Four more years of this!

Michael Moore

And, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened for more or less the reasons laid out here. A shame that nobody seemed to take this prediction seriously. Trump’s victory is as much a result of the artificial redistribution of votes through the electorate college (Hilary Clinton having won the popular vote), of the massive dissemination of disinformation through social media, and the missteps of the Clinton campaign.

I worry about the next four years not so much for the Americans, but for the rest of the world. With a highly erratic US president, it’s very likely regional powers like China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, will start expanding their influence through economic or military action. It would be high time for the European Union to step up, consolidate its role and strengthen its defenses, but with UK in disarray after the Brexit vote and France threatened by local far-right extremism, it’s rather unlikely that a common stance will be found.

Coming back to the hotel after appearing on Bill Maher’s Republican Convention special this week on HBO, a man stopped me. “Mike,” he said, “we have to vote for Trump. We HAVE to shake things up.” That was it. That was enough for him. To “shake things up”. President Trump would indeed do just that, and a good chunk of the electorate would like to sit in the bleachers and watch that reality show.

Trump wolf and sheep
“He tells it like it is.”

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