22 December 2016

Business Insider: “Apple’s new AirPods are good, but get ready to make a lot of tradeoffs”

The second major problem is much worse though. Controlling audio with the AirPods is a frustrating experience.

Since there are limited physical controls on the AirPods, you have to use Siri for everything. For example, if you want to raise the volume, you have to double tap the one of the AirPods. That pauses your music and activates Siri. Then you have to tell Siri to raise or lower the volume. Assuming Siri understands you, the music starts playing again at the adjusted volume. But if the volume isn't what you wanted, you have to go through the process again.

Oh, and Siri needs an internet connection to work. So, yeah, you literally need an internet connection just to adjust the volume or switch tracks using the AirPods. Welcome to 2016.

Steve Kovach

After months of unexplained delays, Apple’s AirPods are now available for purchase, triggering a new wave of reviews and revelations. My favorite this time around: Siri is required to control the volume and Siri only works with an active Internet connection, so if you lose the signal (like in the subway or on a flight), you can’t control the volume anymore! Speechless.

Another puzzling features is the lack of a battery icon for the AirPods on the iPhone, so you can’t know when the battery is low. But at least people are having fun coming up with ways of keeping the headphones firmly fastened to their ears.

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