15 February 2017

Flickr Blog: “Happy 13th Birthday, Flickr!”

It’s official, Flickr is a teenager! Thirteen years young and just as full of wonder, snark, and creativity as we’ve ever been. Together with our phenomenal community of photographers from around the world, our Flickr Family, we’ve set the tone for what an online photographer’s space could be.

Zee Jenkins

With the trouble their parent company Yahoo is going through, I would be grateful if Flickr just manages to grow old by another year. There are encouraging signs, with Flickr recently integrated more deeply into other Yahoo products, such as mail, but the bigger problem is how Yahoo will survive – or will the company end up being sold for parts.

Thirteen Years of Flickr

I’m secretly hoping that Flickr ends up being acquired by Microsoft, for no other reason than it’s the least likely to screw it up even further or shut it down for good. Most of the other tech giants (Apple, Google, Facebook) already have their own photo products and would likely ignore Flickr completely if it would somehow end up under their control. I guess Amazon would be another big name without a photo presence, but I don’t see how Flickr would fit into their retail strategy.

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