27 February 2017

Twitter Personality Insights, powered by IBM Watson

If you’re on Facebook, it’s nigh impossible to not have encountered some sort of personality test at least once. I do them sometimes more for fun, because I doubt any personality can be described only after answering a couple of questions. With the rise of AI and big data though, similar profiles can now access much larger databases built from online activities and a couple of days ago I discovered one based on your Twitter activity. It’s powered by Watson, IBM’s version of artificial intelligence technology that has recently made headlines for its accuracy in recognizing cancer, as well as for making music and movie trailers.

My Twitter Personality Insights by IBM Watson
The IBM Watson Personality Insights service applies linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes from a person's unstructured text

So how are the results? I would say pretty good! Especially the part about reading – it’s the reason I dedicate a whole section of the blog to writing book reviews. Historical movies though… not so much (amusingly this trait showed up again when I analyzed my secondary Twitter account). The analysis is based on what is shared on Twitter, so don’t expect a perfect match, because there are many things me and others don't share publicly. I also don’t interact much with the people I follow on Twitter, for the most part I’m perfectly content sharing links and retweeting, which probably accounts for my low scores in ‘Agreeableness’ and ‘Helping others’. An interesting way nevertheless to see how other people might perceive you when interacting on Twitter.

Big 5Agreeableness (6%)Openness (74%)Adventurousness (98%)Artistic interests (31%)Emotionality (3%)Imagination (70%)Intellect (98%)Authority-challenging (84%)Conscientiousness (69%)Achievement striving (41%)Cautiousness (61%)Dutifulness (48%)Orderliness (60%)Self-discipline (68%)Self-efficacy (64%)Extraversion (27%)Activity level (68%)Assertiveness (69%)Cheerfulness (1%)Excitement-seeking (49%)Outgoing (18%)Gregariousness (20%)Agreeableness (6%)Altruism (21%)Cooperation (27%)Modesty (8%)Uncompromising (10%)Sympathy (20%)Trust (56%)Emotional range (85%)Fiery (42%)Prone to worry (31%)Melancholy (54%)Immoderation (7%)Self-consciousness (58%)Susceptible to stress (20%)ValuesConservation (7%)Conservation (7%)Openness to change (21%)Hedonism (11%)Self-enhancement (16%)Self-transcendence (11%)NeedsCloseness (1%)Challenge (15%)Closeness (1%)Curiosity (35%)Excitement (21%)Harmony (3%)Ideal (22%)Liberty (33%)Love (10%)Practicality (82%)Self-expression (24%)Stability (2%)Structure (26%)
The personality traits as a sunburst visualization

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