28 March 2017

Twitter app for Windows 10 experiments with tabs

Speaking of (good) Windows apps, Twitter is another example of Windows app done well: fast and responsive, with a clean design and a full feature set. And… something more! A couple of weeks back I noticed it added new features, namely tabs and a tiny extra menu. It’s probably a tentative step to more power-user features in the Windows app, but for now it’s still very much an experiment available to some random users (apparently, me included). Every time you create a new tab with the + button, it starts with ‘Home’, your default timeline, but that’s about it: you can’t save or restore the current tab configuration, you can’t navigate quicker to obscure sections of Twitter – like your likes or lists – that’s still manual work. Also, you can’t create more than four tabs at this time. But it’s nice that you can reference information from other tabs when you’re replying to someone, for example, or that you don’t have to lose your place in the timeline if you want to check notifications: just open a new tab and check notifications there.

Twitter app for Windows 10 adds tabs

As for the menu, it enables a similar ability: opening new instances of the Twitter app, for even more parallel Twitter streams! The changes have potential if Twitter decides to develop them further – and unfortunately that’s a rather big if…

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