09 April 2019

Fast Company: “26 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Calendar could do”

If you rely on Google Calendar like I do—or even if you just use it casually to keep track of occasional appointments—you’ll get more out of it once you’ve discovered all of its advanced tricks and time-saving possibilities. And if you’re too busy to tackle this right now, no worries: I happen to know a spectacular tool for setting reminders and making sure you never forget anything on your agenda.

JR Raphael

‘26 incredibly useful things’… and not one of them is being able to send birthday reminders for the people in your address book!

After switching to Android last year, this is possibly the most frustrating and baffling missing feature I’ve encountered. There are forum discussions requesting this going back to 2013, and there’s still no sign of solution on Google’s part. It doesn’t work in their web interface, nor in the official Android app, not even in third-party apps like Outlook! The only viable workaround for the moment is to set up an ifttt recipe, but I would hate to rely solely on that, given how Google can, at any point, restrict access rights for third parties – as it has recently done with Gmail.

Beyond embarrassing for Google!

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