11 June 2019

‘Top fan’ badges for Facebook pages

I have been spending very little time on Facebook for a while now – hard to pinpoint exactly when that happened, but it could be as long as two years already. But, as I visit for the occasional notification or new friend request, I recently stumbled upon a new feature that surprised – and amused – me: Facebook notified me that I am now a ‘Top Fan’ of a photography page I follow. I had no idea they introduced badges for followers of Facebook pages; apparently it happened around a year ago, but has barely been mentioned on large tech news sites.

Facebook new Top Fan page badge
Apparently I am now a Top Fan – without doing anything special

This to me seems like another attempt from the social network to increase engagement on the main app/site, as opposed to its other, acquired properties, Instagram and WhatsApp. Or maybe some middle manager, eager for attention, pointed out Facebook still hasn’t replicated all forms of social interaction on the Internet, and suggested implementing forum-style badges next.

There are some restrictions for pages seeking to enable this feature, as explained on Facebook’s help center:

Top fans is mainly designed for video content producers, but any eligible Page can turn on top fans as long as they:

  • Switch to the video template for Pages. (Keep in mind that show Pages can’t switch to the video template.)
  • Have more than 10,000 followers.
  • Are at least 28 days old.
  • Aren’t using the civic engagement badge.
How do I manage top fan badges for my Page?

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