27 May 2020

G Suite Updates Blog: “Create and use multiple signatures in Gmail”

It’s now possible to use multiple signatures in Gmail. Multiple signatures give you the flexibility to use different signatures for different situations such as:

  • Communicating across teams, organizations, or products
  • Communicating across languages
  • Using different default signatures for new emails and replies, and more.
G Suite Updates Blog

Even though it was announced on the G Suite blog – and immediately delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic – I noticed this neat new feature on my personal Gmail account a couple of days ago. Until now it remained a relatively advanced feature, to my knowledge only available in desktop mail clients such as Outlook. Nevertheless it can prove useful for personal communication as well; despite the growing popularity of messaging apps, where most of my interactions with distant friends have moved over the years, there are some instances where it’s more convenient to communicate by email. When you apply for jobs, for example, you can now create and reuse a more professional looking signature straight from Gmail. It helps that the formatting options for signatures have been expanded to include colors, bullets and images – last I remember they were very basic.

Gmail manage multiple signatures in compose window

When composing, you can access signatures in the compose action toolbar, the last button to the right in the shape of a pen.

Gmail manage multiple signatures in settings

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